Required Qualification : H.S.L.C

Certification : State Council of Vocationa Training (SCVT)

Duration of Course : 2 Years ( 4 Semesters )

Syllabus : Electrician Syllabus prepared by NCVT

Introduction :

The course is meant for the candidate who aspires to become Technican in ELECTRICIAN. This course curriculum is revised ansd re-structured to make the First Semester Syllabus common for all the Trades under "POWER SECTOR".


At the end of the course the trainee shall be able to

Carry out Installation, Maintenance & Repair works of Electrical AC, DC, machinery, lighting circuits, domestic, appliances and equipments used in domestic and industries

Read and interpret the blue print reading ( Electrical layout Drawing as per BIS specification & standards)

Carry out Domestic and Industrial wiring, Earthing System

Test electrical wiring installation, locate and rectify the faults by using magger and Earth tester

Make and solder the wire joints, wires on PCB and do de-soldering technique

Use of electrical instrument (analog/digital) like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Energy Meter, Wheatstone Bridge, Oscilloscope, Earth Tester, Tong Tester etc. to measure to different electrical quantities.

Armature writing, single & three phase motor winding and small transformer winding

Operate, maintain and test the switch gears, circuit breakers, relays and transformer

Identify and maintain the Power Generating stations ( conventional and non-conventional ) transmission and distribution system protecting devices

Construct & test semiconductor devices

Practice on using fitting carpentry and sheet metal tools

Carry out break down, overhauling, routine & preventive maintenance of electrical machines and equipments


All State Electricity Boards and Departments

Public Sectors, MNC, Private and Govt. Industries

License Certificate for self employment

Wiring Contractors

Huge job opportunities in power generation, transmission, distribution station

Huge abroad job opportunities


Required Qualification : H.S.L.C

Certification : State Council of Vocationa Training (SCVT)

Duration of Course : 1 Year ( 2 Semesters )

Syllabus : Diesel Syllabus prepared by NCVT

Introduction :

An intensive industrial survey was made to ascertain the requirements of skill-gap in the automobile sector, a scientifically designed survey covering labour-market survey web-survey was conductes. Based on the data obtained the skills are identified and accordingly the syllabus has been drafted. Subsequently the trade expert committy reviewed.


After successful copletion of the above course, the trainee shall be able to perform the following skills with proper sequence

Mechanic, Diesel Engine, Oil Engine Fitter repairs services and overhaul diesel or oil engines for efficient performance as prime mover to drive machinery and equipment. Examines engine to locate defects, using various tools and instruments

Dismantles or partly dismantles it to remove damaged or worn out parts and replaces or repairs them

Replace valve and assembles parts, doing supplementary tooling and other functions as necessary to ensure accuracy of fit

Installs assembled or repaired engine in position and connects pulley or wheel to propulsion system. Starts engine, tunes it up and observes performance noting different meter readings such as temperature, fuel level, oil pressure etc. and sets it to specified standard for ptimumperformance.

Checks, adjusts and lubricates engine periodically and performs such other functions to keep engine in good working order.

May solder or braze parts and service diesel fuel pumps and injectors.

Measures essential parts like cylinder, bores piston, sizes crank pins etc. using gauges, micrometer and other precision tools and gets cylinders re-bored, liners fitted, valve seats refaced etc.


On succesful completion of the course the candidates can either get employed, or become a self-employed Enterpreneur an any one of the following fields:
a) Wage Employment
Auto Diesel Engine Mechanic
Diesel Engine Service Technician
Auto Fitter in Manufacturing Concern in Assembly Shop or Test Shop
Mechanic in Auto Manufacturing Industry
Dealers Service Mechanic
Spare Parts Sales Assistant / Manufacturer's Representative
Laboratoty Assistant

b) Self Employment
Automobile Mechanic
Diesel Fuel System Service Mechanic
Vehicle Operator
Spare Parts Salesman
Spare Parts Dealer

Fee Structure Of the Courses/Trades Offered at JITE

Course Title Admission Fee Monthly Fee Duration Qualification
Electrician (SCVT) 20,000/- 2000/- 2 Years HSLC
Diesel (SCVT) 20,000/- 2000/- 1 Year HSLC

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